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Basic Package (N20,000)

When you register as a Basic partner, you will get 2 bottles of the health Product and 30 pv.

Super Package (N50,000)

When you register as a Super partner, you will get 5 bottles of the health Product, and 80 pv

BIZ-Class Package (N120,000)

When you register as a biz class partner, you will get 13 bottles of the health Product and 200 pv

BIZ-Executive Package (N290,000)

When you register as a Biz-Executive partner, you will get 30 bottles of the health Product and 500 pv

10 Ways to Earn!

1) Retail Profit (it’s not compulsory to buy and sell)
2) Sponsor Bonus
3) Indirect Sponsor Bonus
4) Upgrade Bonus
5) Business Bonus
6) Placement Bonus
7) Unilevel Commission
8) Awards / Recognition 
9) Leadership Pool
10) Stockist Bonus


1. Retail Profit

As a member of Fafor life, you have the right to buy product from the company at distributor price and sell to customers to make profit of your choice. Note: Fafor life doesn’t mandate the partners to buy or sell/hawk the product. Anyone who wants to buy and sell does so at his will.

2. Sponsor Bonus

When a partner sponsor/refer a person with his username, he will earn 25% of the Prospect’s registration fee and a product voucher. Example:

Sponsor a Basic and get
i) Referral bonus of #4500
ii) Product voucher of #1800

Sponsor a Super and get
i) Referral bonus of #11,250
ii) Product voucher of #4800

Sponsor a Biz class and get
i) Referral bonus of #29,250
ii) Product voucher of #12000

Sponsor a Biz-Executive and get
i) Referral bonus of #67,500
ii) Product voucher of #27,000

3. Welcome Bonus

When you register in Fafor life, you will receive a product worth your registration fee with a Free BitGiG Token coins as listed above.

4. Business Bonus (Pairing Bonus)

As a partner of Fafor life, you will be earning income whenever your business matches Left and Right and it also has daily and monthly limit. This Pairing Bonus starts when you become a Basic partner:
a) Basic earns 5% with daily limit of #13,500
b) Super earns 7% with daily limit of #31,500
c) Biz class earns 10% with daily limit of #63,000
d) Biz-Executive earns 12% with daily limit of #108,000.

Each matching is with 40 pv left and right, and when a member reaches his daily limit, the rest will go over to the next day and continue to match. i.e., no flushing of point, and you match from weaker leg.

5. Leverage Bonus

 When your direct downline earn his pairing bonus, you will also earn from his earned bonus on the level depending on your entry package:
a) Basic earns 5% on level 1 only.
b) Super earns 5% on level 1, and 3 % on level 2 only.
c) Biz class earns 5% level 1, 3% level 2, and 3 % level 3 only.
d) Biz executive earns 5% level 1, 3% level 2, 3% level 3, 2% level 4, 1% level 4, 1% level 5.

6. Placement Bonus

This is a bonus every active user earn from every registration done using his Sponsor ID as placement ID based on your entry packages as every package earns 1% of every entry fee.

7. Free Education

As a member, you will have full opportunity to study Online course and obtain certificate on the course from India; and how many courses you will acquire depends on your entry fee:
a) Smart= 1 course
b) Basic= 2 courses
c) Super= 4 courses
d) Biz class= 6 courses
e) Biz executive= Unlimited courses

Note: These courses are centered on Digital marketing, crypto currency trading, internet experience, etc

8. Maintenance Bonus

Anytime any of your downlines repurchase a product, you will earn a bonus and equivalent PV, and the level you will earn this bonus depends on your entry fee.

a) Super earns a total of 21% from level one to 7.

b) Biz-Class earns a total of 28% from levels one to 11.

c) Biz executive earns a total of 40% from level one to 15.

Ranking Advancement Bonus

Minimum Qualifying PV from Lesser Leg

Silver Executive (4,000 PV)

Gift – Products worth the qualifying Value.

Gold Executive (8,000 PV)

Gift – Laptop of cash value of N188,010.

Ruby Executive (17,000 PV)

Gift – Gold plated watch of cash value of N480,000.

Diamond Executive (37,000 PV)

Gift – Holiday trip to Dubai of cash value of N1,040,000.

Ambassador (95,000 PV)

Gift – 1st car award of cash value of N3,000,000.

Crown Ambassador (350,000 PV)

Gift – 2nd car award of cash value of N10,000,000.

Director (950,000 PV)

Gift – a new house plus a holiday trip to London of cash value of N30,000,000.

Let's Enjoy Health and Wealth Together